Lidl Has a Boring Tools Advent Calendar for Dad or if the Kids Have Been Bad

By Gary Cutlack on at

Boring old men like us need not miss out on the extremely small thrill that is opening a cardboard window every morning to signal the slow coming of the festive reaper to scythe another year off our time remaining, with Lidl revealing it's to stock an advent calendar full of the components of a socket set to gradually build and complete.

It's the 36-piece Powerfix Profi Tool Kit Advent Calendar, yours for just £20 from November 8, while stocks last. It may not impress actual mechanics with its claim of being constructed of chrome vanadium and S2 steel and that handle might as well have "scraped knuckles" written all over it, but there's a case, it's something to do, and it could well tighten something up in an emergency, like what real men do.

If screwdrivers are more your thing, there's an alternative extremely boring tools advent calendar being offered by Wera this year, plus there's another sockets one put about by Sealey if you want one by a brand that's vaguely well known. Christmas doesn't have to be about fun. [Lidl]