Lime's Ebikes Come to Milton Keynes for as Long as They Last

By Gary Cutlack on at

It doesn't seem the least bit long-term financially viable to leave a fleet of expensive electric bikes lying about the street for people to use at £1 a go, but that's what's about to happen in the UK's technological new town of Milton Keynes, where US scooter e-renter Lime is debuting a UK presence by bunging out a few to see how it goes.

The dockless electric bikes come in a vivid green to deter both thieves and normal people, and could be yours for a go on in and around Milton Keynes's Intu shopping centre, where £1 unlocks a bike and it's then a 15p per minute charge for whizzing around assisted by an electric motor for as long and as far as you like and can afford.

Around 100 ebikes are now in the town, with the dockless system trusting users to leave them somewhere responsible when finished. One problem might be that the Grand Union Canal runs through Milton Keynes, and we do, as a nation, have form when it comes to telling these tedious modern startups where to stick their garish machines. [TechCrunch]