LittleBits' STEM Building Kits Are On Black Friday Sale

By Holly Brockwell on at

We love the LittleBits STEM kits, which allow engineering-minded kids to do everything from booby-trapping their rooms to hacking the house.

So we're happy to hear LittleBits is having its own Black Friday sale, with the following deals available from the 23rd (actual Black Friday) to the 27th November:

Avengers Hero Kit

Will be reduced from £149.99 to £105 at Amazon and Argos.

Base Inventor Kit

Will be reduced from £99.99 to £70 at Amazon.

Electronic Music Inventor Kit

Will be reduced from £99.99 to £70 at Amazon.

Space Rover Inventor Kit

Will be reduced from£199.99 to £140 at Amazon.

If you're buying for a future inventor this Christmas, it's definitely worth snapping one of these up while they're cheap. Not least because it could pay off Elton John-style and turn your kid into the next Elon Musk, or someone less divisive, but also because if the kid's not into it, you get to build it yourself.