London Airport Doesn't Want Rotating Tourist Pods in the Sky

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's City Airport has come out with a potentially disastrous objection against the plan to build a massive observation platform in the city complete with spinning external pods for tourists, as it's worried that air traffic control systems might get a bit confused when they detect unexpected moving things in a bit of the sky.

The effect of the planned gondolas that slowly spin around the tip of the thrusting build needs investigating before any planning decision is made, London City Airport says, and would like the National Air Traffic Control authority to be involved in consultations to see what local radar systems make of the moveable platforms that may one day sit atop the skyline.

Jack Berends from London City Airport outlined his concerns in a letter to submitted in response to the development's planning consultation, in which he said: "Construction shall not commence until an assessment has been carried out on the impact of this development on the radar coverage. During this assessment it should be noted that the gondolas present will be moving and therefore may have a slightly different effect than a static element of the building." [CM via Guardian]