London Scraps its Unusable Water Cannon Fleet

By Gary Cutlack on at

Here's some great news for anyone planning a mass campaign of civil disobedience in London -- the city no longer has access to three former German rolling water cannons. Not that it was legally allowed to use them anyway.

The water cannon(s) were bought by Boris Johnson, back when he was the harmless novelty politician in charge of some of London's devolved budget. He bought three water-firing trucks from a German police force 2014, after foreseeing a future in which London would be besieged by riots and only massive water cannons would help. Sadly for Boris's dreams of placing the city under martial law, the cannons were deemed illegal by the then Home Secretary who effectively banned their use.

Hence the current mayor has been trying to sell them for the last two years, but with onerous terms demanding they may only be sold to to nice, kind regimes where they won't spend the next 20 years hosing down the poor, a sale has not been possible. So the vehicles, despite more than £300,000 being spent on their purchase, refurbishment and maintenance, are off to the scrap yard, earning today's mayor a scrap value of just £11,025. [Guardian]

Image credit: Twitter