Even The London Transport Museum's Having A Black Friday Sale

By Holly Brockwell on at

If there's one thing Black Friday's good for, it's getting cool Christmas presents for your friends and family for a bit less than usual.

The London Transport Museum's Black Friday sale is pretty ideal for this, providing your friends and family live in London/are transport geeks.

Bargains on offer include your very own light-up tube roundel (see main pic), plus:

A teatowel of the iconic No Exit sign at Covent Garden, now £7.50:

An actual recommissioned luggage rack from a train, yours for £80:

Christmas decorations made from moquette (that's the official name for the fabric on the train seats), £5.99:

Motorised tube trains to play with, £271.99:

And the worst t-shirt in the world, £6.40:

Check out all the deals here.