Manky Toothbrushes Join the Terracycle Postal Recycling Push

By Gary Cutlack on at

Toothbrushes! They're big lumps of plastic too, aren't they? That's what Colgate has suddenly realised, and before everyone gets angry with it for not recycling toothbrushes and letting toothbrushes clog up the landfills for millennia it has... started recycling toothbrushes.

Amazingly, this is yet another job for recycling specialist Terracycle, which we'd never heard of before October 8 when it started recycling Walkers crisp packets. We then heard of it again on October 26 when it did the deal to take in Pringles tubes, and now this. Move near Terracycle if you want an easy job opening envelopes and sorting things into piles. Colgate is paying for the operation of a freepost hotlink direct to Terracycle's sorting facilities, and as well as toothbrushes it'll also take in spent tubes of toothpaste, nibs off electric brush things and packaging, but not the spat-out minty water. That still has to go down the drain.

It doesn't even have to be a Colgate toothbrush or paste tube. It could be one of the pound shop jobs you erroneously trust your dental health to. [Business Green]