Marine Bore-Ologists Surprisingly Recommend Eating Fish Fingers

By Gary Cutlack on at

People with swimming-pool-hair who smell of wetsuits from the Marine Conservation Society are usually telling us not to eat the few kinds of nice fish there are, instead telling us that only raw squid is OK to eat and even then not with chips or sauce or anything nice. But not this time. They have, incredibly, just come out in support of the fish finger.

The Marine Conservation Society says that it's all to do with efforts the large producers have been making to get the right kinds of stickers on their boxes to win us over, with campaigns to teach the public about the benefits of using fish from sustainable sources meaning that 85 per cent of the tasty, rectangular, crispy-coated, not-too-fishy kind of convenience fish currently on sale in supermarkets does indeed use fish sourced from sustainable stocks.

Hence a fish finger might just be a better choice for the sea than some weird old bony thing with its head still on and poo coming out of it from the fish counter that only Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall knows the name of, the type of the boat of the man who caught it used, and how to cook it.

And it gets better, because even cheap fish fingers count as good too, with the MCS's Rajina Gurung saying: "Consumers may not be aware that the majority of fish in retail own brand and branded fish fingers actually comes from sustainable sources. Some saver brands even turned out to be the most sustainable, showing that you do not have to pay a fortune for sustainability." [Good Fish Finger Guide [PDF] via BBC]