McDonald's Scientists Debut Method of Getting More Chocolate Bits on Ice Cream

By Gary Cutlack on at

People looking to fatten themselves up to stay warm through the winter are being given a helping hand to bulk up by McDonald's, which has revealed a new innovation in the world of adding varying sized lumps and crumbled pieces of branded products to its desserts range.

It is therefore our sad duty to inform the nation that there's soon to be something called a Maltesers reindeer McFlurry on sale in the UK's branches of the burger chain that repeatedly says it's a restaurant, which is set to arrive on November 21. There's nothing inherently Christmassy about Maltesers, so they've created a whole new sub-category of Malteser shaped like a reindeer so eaters can celebrate it being November 21 by crunching an edible effigy of a non-native species.

There's a small one for 89p which sounds like a bargain no matter where you stand on the sugar consumption issue. [Metro]