Minecraft: Story Mode Is Now On Netflix

By Holly Brockwell on at

Kids, Minecrafters and fans of choose-your-own-adventure stories take note: Netflix has picked up Minecraft: Story Mode, so you can now play-watch the show at your leisure.

Made by the excellent Telltale Games, the show includes clickable story prompts so you can choose your preferences, starting with the gender of your character:

Later, you get to choose how the story progresses.

Currently, there are three episodes available on Netflix: The Order of the Stone (94 minutes), Assembly Required (38 minutes), and The Last Place You Look (73 minutes). That should keep you busy until the other two episodes come out on the 5th of December, and if not, you can always go back and play again, making different choices.

On web, you click the buttons to advance the story. On mobile, you tap, and on a TV, you use the remote control.

Give it a watch here. [Slashgear]