Morrisons Now Sells 3-Minute Nutella, Toblerone & Smarties Mug Cakes

By Holly Brockwell on at

Winter in Britain is always a depressing affair: grey skies, numb toes and even higher energy bills. But if there's one thing that can make anything better, it's cake – especially easy-to-make, hot cake. Which is exactly what Morrisons has just launched.

Available in Nutella, Toblerone and Smarties versions, the £6 mug cakes include a mug, which has a slightly Pinterest-y slogan but meh, cake.

You get the "Life happens" mug with the Toblerone and Nutella versions, or this one with the Smarties edition:

The set includes everything you need to bake the mug cake in your microwave in three minutes.

The cakes are available now, but if you'd rather not pay extra for a mug you don't really need, here's a Morrisons video from 2016 to tell you how to make your own:

Shot themselves in the foot a bit there, didn't they?

Still, they'd make nice presents for anyone who loves cake, which is everyone. [Metro]