Movember Launches Contactless Charity Badges

By Holly Brockwell on at

We're almost at the end of Movember now – the moustache-raising effort that goes on throughout November to raise money for men's health issues – but the Foundation behind the campaign has just released something pretty cool for next year, and other charity initiatives in general.

The Movember contactless donation badge is pretty much what it sounds like: a badge you wear that people can tap their cards or phones on to donate to the charity you're raising for. Movember says it's a world first, although similar schemes have been used to take contactless payments for buskers and homeless people in the past.

The badges are designed to "eradicate the awkwardness of not carrying cash," which is a fair point. The NFC badges, a collaboration with IoT company Thyngs, accept Apple Pay (and presumably Android Pay, though it's not mentioned in the press release), Paypal and credit and debit cards.

There's no set amount that you donate by tapping: it takes you to a webform where you put the amount in.

The video for the badges highlights ways people are helping the charity besides just growing a moustache (which has never been terribly appealing for us women, among others):

Fergus Crawley, who's featured in the video attempting to break the world record for the most weight squatted in 24 hours, decided to fundraise for Movember after attempting suicide in 2016 while at university. He says:

"I decided to use my background in competitive powerlifting to help turn my negative experience into a positive one for others. My own challenges with mental health inspired me to undertake this endurance challenge, in the hope that I can raise funds and awareness for the Movember Foundation to help prevent other men from facing similar challenges."

Owen Sharp, CEO at the Movember Foundation, adds:

"Movember started as a simple way to raise money and awareness for a good cause, something that anyone can take part in - the contactless badge is the next step.

So many of our incredible supporters take part in amazing challenges, and our no fuss badges take donating to a whole new level, allowing our fundraisers to wear the badge with pride. We are so grateful to anyone who supports Movember."

If you want a badge, email to order one.