MPs Told "No Ball Games" in the House of Commons

By Gary Cutlack on at

A group of female MPs decided to have an impromptu kickabout in the House of Commons after work one evening, to promote the fact that there is a women's parliamentary football team and also to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of women being allowed to vote. But a big old angry and traditional MAN told them off for doing so.

The speaker of the House of Commons said: "Our historic chamber shouldn't be used for this type of activity" and also complained that they hadn't even asked for permission to book the House for an after hours session of keepy-uppy. The women players involved don't seem to be that upset about it, mind, as the football group's twitter page is merrily retweeting today's tabloid outrage over the small amount of fun that was had in the breaks between all the bleak politics.

The SNP's Hannah Bardell managed as many as six keepy-uppies in a row, which won't particularly worry any potential opponents of the newly founded political team. And at least none of them defiled the carpets by wearing trainers. That would've got them punished so hard they'd have been put in charge of Brexit. [BBC]