Mr Kipling is Making an Exceedingly Good Brexit Stockpile

By Holly Brockwell on at

Among the bad, worse, and outright terrible news filtering down from The Powers That Brexit, there's a small slice of hope: Mr Kipling maker Premier Foods is creating a giant stockpile of ingredients so it can still make delicious treats after we drive off the metaphorical cliff.

Yes, we'll be one sad, tiny island cut off from our neighbours. Yes, we'll have to wait in the giant, slow non-EU queue at the airport. And yes, we'll probably have to get a bloody visa to visit Uncle Kostas in Cyprus. But we will have cake.

According to Sky News, Premier Foods has announced a £10m plan to hoard all the ingredients it needs to make things like Angel Delight and Bisto, as well as Mr Kipling favourites like angel cake slices and Bakewell tarts.

The company has said that "in the absence of certainty over arrangements for the UK's departure from the EU... the group shortly intends to start a process of building stocks of raw materials to protect the company against the risk of delays at ports."

We're envisaging this as a mountain made of cake and you can't stop us.

The news is less good for fans of Premier brand Ambrosia custard, though: it's likely to be put up for sale. Chief Exec Gavin Darby, who's stepping down in January after a shareholder revolt, says the company is undergoing "discussions with third parties regarding the potential disposal of our Ambrosia brand."

If they need anyone to dispose of several tonnes of Ambrosia down their gullets, we're happy to oblige. For the country, you understand.

Main image: Sean MacEntee via Flickr CC