We Have New Details About The Samsung Galaxy S10

By Holly Brockwell on at

Heads up, phone fans: there's been a new leak about the Samsung Galaxy S10, and it's a good'un.

VentureBeats' Evan Blass, aka EvLeaks, aka the-man-who-somehow-knows-everything, tweeted some info about the upcoming Galaxy phone:

To jog your memory, here's what we learnt in the previous leak:

  • There'll be three versions, including an inexpensive one
  • There's a fingerprint scanner under the screen
  • It has a double-curved, almost bezel-less OLED screen, but not on the cheapest one
  • The lowest-priced S10 also might not get the embedded fingerprint scanner
  • The S10 has three rear cameras while the selfie cam is "visible and tucked under the screen" which The Verge speculates could mean a hole in the screen with a camera beneath
  • It'll have Android Pie (obvs)
  • They're looking at doing one without the headphone jack (noooo)
  • A 5G version of the S10 will be released in the US through Verizon

Those leaks match pretty well, don't they? Three rear cameras, selfie cam in a hole under the screen (it's not a notch, you guys! Honestly!), Android Pie and an in-screen fingerprint sensor. Interesting to learn that Samsung will apparently be using the ultrasonic style, and not the cheaper and less secure optical version seen on the OnePlus 6T.

The selfie cam detail is also interesting, because Samsung has poked fun at Apple's notches in the past:

(Samsung, if you're reading this, please start marketing the benefits of your own stuff rather than the downsides of Apple's. No one ever got someone to date them by listing all the faults of the other people on the planet).

The company discussed several options for future front-facing camera solutions on bezel-less phones at the Samsung Developer Conference, including showing four potential options on black phones on a black screen in a black room:

Infinity O is the one it seems they've chosen for the S10: it's a literal hole in the screen with the selfie cam underneath. Technically no notch, but... a hole in the screen. Whether that'll look like there's something stuck on your display every time you watch a video remains to be seen, but we hope not.

Concept designer Ben Geskin tweeted a mockup of how it might look:

As Geskin demonstrates, it's less intrusive than a notch:

The new leak also mentions One UI, which is a new design philosophy Samsung again announced at SDC:

And finally, there's that mention of three rear cameras, as on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. No sign of the alleged 43 megapixel camera, though!

What do you think of the new details? Psyched for the Galaxy S10, or underwhelmed so far? Would you buy a camera with a hole in the screen? Let us know in the comments. [Trusted Reviews]