New Massive Phallus Planned for London's Skyline

By Gary Cutlack on at

The architect behind this latest massive tower for London – which is obviously Sir Norman Foster's lot – has already thought up a nickname for it. They would like it to be known as the Tulip, because tulips have long shafts and huge bulbous ends at the top. Perfect.

There's good news for London's cratering real estate scene, as the Tulip will not be offering anything in the way of expensive office space to lay vacant for decades. It's a fun destination only, designed to offer one of those modern super-high viewing platform experiences that tourists love going up so much, with this one even coming with transparent pods that circulate around the outside of the very tip of the building for an even better view of the surrounds.

And at just one metre shorter than the Shard the viewing will be very good indeed, if, that is, the developer manages to get planning permission for the project, which also includes shops and restaurants in the tip and capacity for 1,500 visitors at any one time. [Standard]