New Report Reiterates Rumours That Samsung's Foldable Phone is Going to Cost a Fortune

By Tom Pritchard on at

On Wednesday evening we got our first glimpse at Samsung's foldable phone, a device that was essentially a smartphone with a tablet hiding inside. But this wasn't a product launch, and it means there's a lot we still don't know about the almost-mythical device. What we have heard is that it won't be cheap, and a new report reiterates that claim.

These days its not uncommon for phones to cost a lot of money, especially if those phones are made by Apple. The iPhone XS Max starts at £1,049, after all, and choosing 512GB of storage causes that number to rise to £1,449. The Korea Times claims that the phone will cost ₩ 2 million (around £1,365) in Samsung's home country, which is more than it would cost slightly more to buy than the ₩ 1,980,000 you'd need for a 512GB XS Max in the country. Korea's sales tax is half what we pay here too, so the localised pricing is likely to be significantly higher should the phone ever reach the UK.

If it's any comfort this information is an estimate made by business analysts, rather than sources within Samsung itself, which means it's definitely not set in stone. That said we've heard that the phone is set to cost significantly more than the usual Samsung flagships, particularly since past rumours have claimed it'll only be available in very limited numbers.

Those same analysts also estimate that the 'phone' screen will be around 4.5-inches, while the interior tablet will be around 7.3-inches in size. That's quite a small exterior screen as far as modern smartphones are concerned, but the fact you can unfold a larger screen does mean you don't need the same amount of screen space as a standard device. It should make fans of old-school smartphones happy, though, since anything less than 5-inches is hard to come by these days.

Obviously this is mostly speculation, and should be treated with more scepticism than your average rumour, but it does kind of fit with what we've heard already. Regardless we'll be hearing more about this phone in the coming months, and as mass production begins we're bound to see a flood of leaks heading our way. [Korea Times via Trusted Reviews]