Ocado Has Decided to Sell Mint-Choc-Chip Cheese, and That's Not OK

By Tom Pritchard on at

Christmas is the ultimate time for weird, freaky-sounding food. We've said it plenty of times over the past few Christmases, and this year has proven to be no exception. Sprout tea, pork tea, sprout crisps, and so on are all pretty damn weird. But at least they could, in theory, be edible. We drink Bovril, so sausage and bacon flavour tea isn't that much different. Ocado have taken things to a new level, sadly, with mint-choc-chip flavour cheese.

I have to wonder how this idea came about. You know because mint is quite a controversial flavour in some circles, especially where ice cream is involved. I have to assume they did some number crunching and decided spending the money on such a foul concoction was cheaper than extending their Christmas marketing budget. Why spend money on publicity and adverts when you can get journalists and social media to do all the hard work for you?

This is a type of stilton, but thankfully someone had the good sense not to mash mint and chocolate into the mouldy blue variety. As much as I like mint, mint chocolate, and blue stilton, I would not want to eat them all mashed together. But the fact that it's white stilton doesn't make it okay, especially since the chocolate bits look vaguely mould like anyway.

If you want to eat it for yourself you can buy it in 500g blocks for £6 a pop on the Ocado website. [Metro]