OnePlus Wants You To Unbox The 6T In Silence

By Holly Brockwell on at

Apparently taking a world record for unboxings wasn't enough for OnePlus. The phone manufacturer has announced a rather strange competition for people who've bought the new OnePlus 6T: a silent video unboxing challenge.

Announced on the OnePlus forums, the competition asks people to make a two-minute unboxing video without any sound. Because reasons.

"Make a silent unboxing video, max 2 minutes long. We love beautiful device shots, visual tricks, and creative touches that show off the design and function of the OnePlus 6T."

OnePlus added that you can "use cue cards, gestures, colourful editing – anything goes. Just keep it short and silent."

So what's in it for you, you rightly ask? Well, originally, not a lot. The prize was going to be a $50 accessories voucher for the top 15, with the top three getting a pair of OnePlus Bullets Wireless headphones. But they've since updated it to say the overall winner will get "a special surprise, on top of the Wireless Bullets." This was accompanied by a picture of, well, nothing:

Oh OnePlus.

Unsurprisingly if you know the fanbase, entries have already started pouring in. If you've got a 6T on the way (and if you haven't, check out the deals here), will you be joining in? Let us know in the comments. Silently.