Opera for Android Removes Those Annoying Cookies Messages, With a Catch

By Tom Pritchard on at

For years we've had to deal with those irritating pop-up messages that insist on telling use that websites use cookies for one reason or another - something that's only got worse since the GDPR. It's especially annoying on mobiles, where those banners and pop-ups can take up too much space and take ages to dismiss. There's good news from Opera, which has announced its Android browser will dismiss those notifications.

The catch here is that Opera can only manage this if you agree to accept all cookies by default. Naturally that means it has to be toggled on by you to comply with the rules, and that might be a problem for people who want the power to pick and choose which cookies come through and which ones don't. Sadly not all cookies are the delicious kind, especially where big tech companies are concerned.

You can toggle it on in the ad-blocking settings, and according to Opera it uses a mix of CSS and Javascript detection. Currently it's successfully tested the detection system on 15,000 websites, but admits there may be cases where those annoying messages manage to sneak through. But some is better than all, right? Assuming you like all those trackers filtering through and watching your online moves.

If not, well, Opera has also added homescreen shortcuts to phones running Android 7.1 and above. So that's another reason to give it a download and get away from the Google ecosystem. [Opera via Engadget]