Poundland's Sex Elf in Danger of Becoming Beloved Christmas Tradition

By Gary Cutlack on at

Last year's so-called Christmas was RUINED by Poundland and its strange series of sex-related elf adverts, a social media push that was eventually and pointlessly banned by authorities, and guess what? It's happening again. Poundland would very much like everyone to start talking about it for the next four weeks, even if it's only saying it's run by a bunch of sickos and should be boycotted.

It's the return of the inappropriate Elf, and straight away it's into well dodgy territory with what would appear to be a play on the Elton John/John Lewis advert, in which the Elf gives new female friend Elvie some special Christmas attention atop a piano. The Elf is now such a Christmas tradition at Poundland that it had its own campaign launch yesterday, with Poundland taking the opportunity to criticise the million-pound TV ads of rival high street chains and supermarkets.

It estimates that £6.5bn is spent on Christmas advertising across the media multiverse, and says that Poundland's advertising budget for the Elf campaign is just £76.59 – and most of that must've been blown on getting the dodgy window display up and running in its Birmingham branch yesterday. [Poundland]

Image credit: Twitter