You Can Finally Preorder the 4G Samsung Galaxy Watch

By Holly Brockwell on at

The Bluetooth Samsung Galaxy Watch has been available on these shores for about a month now, but the version with its own 4G connection has ironically been taking a little longer to load.

The wait is almost over, though, because EE – which has the 4G watch exclusively – has finally opened preorders with "dispatch within 14 days to you or your local EE store."

The 4G version of the watch is enticing because you don't need your phone with you to make it usable. The Bluetooth edition does have its own GPS, but if you want the option to be texting and emailing from your watch while out on a run, you'll need the LTE version.

As Samsung puts it:

"With Samsung’s first-ever 4G smartwatch you’re always connected. With or without your phone.

Whether you pop your phone on charge and head out for a jog or accidentally leave it on the kitchen table before setting off to work, it doesn’t matter.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G lets you listen to music, send and receive texts, read and respond to instant messages and emails, and view your schedule and appointments for the week ahead. No phone? No problem."

So, how much is that functionality going to cost you? Well, it depends which version of the Galaxy Watch you go for.

The somewhat enormous silver 46mm watch will cost you £20 upfront, then £20 a month on a two-year contract. The more manageable 42mm is free upfront, then the same £20 a month for two years and is available in a choice of Midnight Black or Rose Gold.

The £20 a month plan includes unlimited data for the watch itself, and a free extra 1GB on the SIM card you'll be using it with. The watch itself has a 4G eSIM and can be paired to either an EE contract SIM or a SIM-only Samsung phone. In other words, if you're on a contract with another network or your phone's by another manufacturer, you're out of luck.

As EE explains:

"The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G’s eSIM can pair with an EE pay monthly or SIM-only Samsung smartphone, allowing customers to use one number across both their phone and watch. To take advantage of the new watch’s 4G capability, customers simply need to be on any EE Pay Monthly voice plan and have a compatible Samsung smartphone."

You don't need a flagship to be able to use the watch, though: the list of compatible devices in the small print includes more budget devices like the A3 and J3 from 2017.

EE's Director of Devices, Products & Partnerships, Sharon Meadows, comments:

"Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4G is the first 4G smartwatch for Android customers which is brought to life by EE’s advanced 4G network. Exclusively available on EE, for the first time Samsung customers can now leave their smartphone at home and still take calls and messages using the same number when going for a run or popping out to the shops."

What do you think of the offer – will you be going for it? Or are you annoyed that it's yet another network exclusive? Let us know in the comments. [Trusted Reviews]