Royal Mail Makes Stamps of Itself for Christmas 2018

By Gary Cutlack on at

We haven't heard anything official from the government yet about if there's going to be a Christmas this year, but the cat would appear to have been let out of the bag by the Royal Mail – which has revealed a set of Christmas-themed stamps. So there's almost certainly going to be a Christmas in 2018, probably in its usual slot of around the last week of December, we'd imagine.

The Royal Mail's festive stamps are all like little adverts for the Royal Mail itself this year, as each of the stamps features a different scene with a bright red post box in it. Artist Andrew Davidson has created the six illustrations, showcasing the variety of shape and capacity our nation's post holes have exhibited over the last century or so.

You can't go wrong with that hexagonal one. Imagine putting your little eBay packages in that beauty.

There's dad, pissed on Christmas Eve, having stolen a tree from the park and loaded up with cheap wine from the garage.

There's grandma. What this image doesn't make clear is that this snow fell in late February, and she's posting off cards and presents for Christmas of 2019 to make sure they get there on time as she's heard the post office is terrible these days.

These letters and cards were all soaked with urine by a Christmas party group. The postal worker resigned the next day. [Royal Mail]