Sainsbury's is Selling Whole Insects in BBQ Coating for Protein Enthusiasts

By Gary Cutlack on at

A range of edible insects is now on sale in Sainsbury's, and they haven't done much to disguise the fact that the packets contain nothing but seasoned crickets. They have not been ground up and shaped into crisps. They have not been ground up and shaped into dinosaurs. They have not been ground up and sprinkled over peanuts. It's a bag of whole, big, clearly identifiable crickets, without even any raisins mixed in.

Supplied by Eat Grub, the Smoky BBQ Crunchy Roasted Crickets cost £1.50 for a bag and there's at least 50 to get through in each pack, so there's not getting out of it once committed. The supplier says it sources farmed crickets from an insect breeding facility in France, so there is at least the hope that Brexit might stop this aberration happening.

250 Sainsbury branches are stocking the things from today, if you want a sustainable mouthful of spicy protein or a talking point for your child's packed lunch box. [Guardian]

Image credit: Eat Grub