Sainsbury's Tells Shoppers What to Buy for the Food Bank Drops

By Gary Cutlack on at

It's the curse of the modern age: you've done your shopping, bought what you can afford, planned as many as four dinners in advance and even paid for it all like you're supposed to using the self-scanning things, then they ask you to think about other people and spare an item or two for the local food banks on your way out. Dinner plans ruined. Careful rucksack loading undone. You walk by leaving nothing, feeling evil.

Realising that this is getting charitable shopping the wrong way round, a group of academics working within the National Citizen Service petitioned Sainsbury's to add stickers to its shelves that indicate items that are most requested by the people that use food banks, meaning shoppers can add one or two extra items to their baskets while doing the rounds. Then there's something extra in the bags to be happy about putting in the donation boxes on the way out, and it's teary-eyed festive high-fives all round. You bounce happy out like Scrooge at the end, throwing turkeys and mince pies out to everyone.

The NCS convinced Sainsbury's to trial the donation advice stickers beneath the most-needed products in one supermarket branch, and found that it tripled food bank drop donations in no time. Hence the labelling scheme is going national in time for Christmas and everyone can enjoy a small TV advert style feelgood sensation by doing something nice for others without sacrificing Wednesday's beans. [NCS via Standard]