Samsung Set to Reveal Actual Foldable Phone Details Tomorrow

By Tom Pritchard on at

The slow race to develop a foldable phone is coming to an end. Not only have we seen the first hinge-free foldable device in the form of the Royole FlexPai, Samsung itself has started teasing its near-mythical foldable handset. Well teases are good, but when will we see some solid details about this phone? According to a new report from Reuters we only have to wait until tomorrow.

The report claims that, as expected, Samsung will be showing off the foldable phone in some capacity at its annual developers conference. That two-day event starts tomorrow, and according to an 'unnamed official' speaking to Reuters the company is planning on taking a 'different approach' to gather feedback from both developers and the public. Apparently this is a necessary step given how the foldable phone is still a "a completely new concept in terms of design and user experience."

The reveal is also designed to help developers ensure their apps are optimised for the folding screen, because as we all know devices are doomed to fail if they don't get the right app support. Just look what happened to Windows Phone.

Whether we'll see a proper consumer-ready device is another question entirely. Lee Kyeong-tae, Samsung vice president for mobile communication, has already promised the phones user interface will be on display, and sources told Reuters that detailed images of the device will be on display. I'm sure we can all live with that, though, even if Samsung remains quiet about release and pricing details. [Reuters]