Samsung's Getting Ready to Unveil the Folding Phone

By Holly Brockwell on at

Now that they've been beaten to the folding phone punch by lesser-known brand Royole, it seems Samsung is gearing up to show us what they've been working on all this time.

We've had keynote hints, we've had divisive tweets and we've had details galore about the internal processes behind the phone codenamed 'Winner.' And now we have this:

That's Samsung's new Facebook profile picture, which is a pretty clear reference to a bendy phone.

There's no caption, no other clues, but the fact that they've publicly put this up on the official page is a strong hint that they're almost ready to announce.

Either that, or they just really like hyping us all up.

What do you reckon 'Winner' will actually be called? We're going for Samsung Galaxy Flex. Best suggestions in the comments.