Samsung's Foldable Phone Has a Tablet Hiding Inside

By Tom Pritchard on at

The keynote speech at Samsung's Developer Conference has just finished, and on stage the company finally unveiled the foldable phone we've been hearing about for so long.

There's a lot we still don't know about the device, but the important bits are there. Samsung has produced a phone that takes advantage of the new Infinity Flex display - a new flexible display that the protective substitutes glass layer of a traditional display with a new foldable adhesive. That means, according to Samsung, the display is durable enough to be folded "hundreds of thousands of times". It also has the curved Edge panels, much like the Galaxy smartphones.

As for the phone itself? Samsung deliberately kept most of the details under wraps, but the key points are that this has a 'cover display' that functions as a fully functional smartphone. If you want something bigger you can unfold to reveal the larger tablet display hiding inside. Continuity software also means unfolding opens up the apps you were using on the outside, and Samsung promises that a new advanced multitasking feature called 'Multiactive Window' will let you use up to three apps at once.

Samsung has also been working with Google to ensure Android is capable of native foldable phone support, which is helpful seeing as how they're going to start arriving quite quickly.

No word on availability, but mass production is set to start in the coming months. Expect plenty of details to leak from the supply line as soon as that kicks off. All Samsung revealed was we'd hear more at "the next Unpacked", though didn't specify when that will be. I can only guess it means more solid details will be unveiled alongside the Galaxy S10 early next year.

In the meantime Samsung is opening up development tools to ensure apps will be ready for the foldable device when it's released.