Santander has Commissioned an 'Invisible Cinema' to Teach the Youth About Fraud

By Tom Pritchard on at

You know the drill. You go to the cinema, sit down, then cringe because you forgot they always show half an hour of adverts before the film starts. So while you munch down on your popcorn you have to listen to the cinema try and flog products and services you don't care about, before a range of trailers you already saw online a month ago. Well there may be a reason to pay attention in future, because Santander have developed an 'invisible' trailer that can only be seen through a pair of special glasses.

‘For Your Eyes Alone’ is projected out in a way that's invisible to the naked eye, so you have to wear a special set of polarised glasses to see what's going on. Like 3D glasses, but because it's an advert you don't have to pay an extra pound to borrow them. The idea here is to try and teach the youth of today about the dangers of online fraud, and how they should never give out their bank account details.

For that reason Santander created a special trailer starring Wes from Love Island doing all the explaining. Apparently that's how you related to young people these days, with a reality TV star who doesn't really have much to do with financial security. I'm guessing. I never watched Love Island because it doesn't have enough superheroes in it.

The trailer is available online, and it's less cringeworthy than you'd expect for something like this:

The invisible screen itself will be going on tour across the UK this winter, and is completely free to attend. So, erm, if you feel watching it online wasn't enough you can head down to one and see what this screen is like for yourself. At least you get to see Jesse Eisenberg play a magician in the similarly-invisible Now You See Me. Santander is also working Barandos to try and get some of the most vulnerable young people involved, presumably because they may not have the same opportunity to watch banking adverts on YouTube or see Ilsa Fisher nearly drown.

So far details on the tour are pretty scarce, with Santander currently confirming there will be a London event followed by University-only events hitting Brighton, Exeter, UCL, and Sheffield Hallam. More dates are set to be announced in the new year, though.