School Bans Christmas Pending Letters of Objection 

By Gary Cutlack on at

A North Yorkshire school is doing a worthy thought experiment thing to do with Christmas, with the shock headline being the banning of the sordid annual binge.

But of course it isn't, because it doesn't have the legislative power. Christmas happening has not been devolved to local education authorities. The school in fact wants to trigger a boring debate, as if we don't already have enough of those, with the kids being encouraged to write letters to the teachers stating the case for the local ban on festivities to be lifted.

Pupils at Lady Lumley's School in Pickering therefore have until November 30 to say the right things about commercialisation and hope and money and other people's stupid feelings and giving good Lego without adding for good Lego in return, in the hope staff are convinced to un-ban the handing over of gifts and cards.

The school's head teacher said Christmas can be a "...stressful, expensive, argumentative and lonely" time, so they are at last teaching the kids some useful things about the grown up world.

Tell them from us that by the time they reach 40 they'll dream only of beheading Noddy Holder every night for three months from October. [Indy100]