School Bans the £500 Coats of Business Class Children

By Gary Cutlack on at

Woodchurch High School in Birkenhead is raging a small war for equality, in that it would like it if kids didn't turn up for school after Christmas cloaked in massively expensive designer coats built from the rarest of fabrics.

Brands such as Canada Goose, which makes a £480 parka for kids, and Moncler, which offers a scarcely believable £630 "technical jacket" for 8-year-olds, are named and shamed for selling the type of thing that shouldn't be worn, lest some kids with sensible parents feel left out of the stupidly expensive duck-down padded arms race.

Head teacher Rebekah Phillips said the ban was put into place by an agreement between staff and pupils, with the kids themselves aware of the pressures to be seen wearing popular brands. Some power dads are not happy about it, though, as they want their offspring to parade the fruits of their labour and be seen to be noticeably better off than other less pampered children from the cheaper streets, with their smaller conservatories and family cars from only 2013. Head to local Facebook if you want to see the boring fury from both sides. [BBC]