She-Ra's New Virtual Reality Website Offers a Glimpse Into the Show's Majestic World

By Julie Muncy on at

You can’t yet watch She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, but you can briefly visit its world.

Last weekend, Dreamworks shared the new promotional website for the upcoming Netflix show, which has a pretty interesting wrinkle: it’s available in virtual reality. If you view the website using a VR device, or just your phone, what was once a pretty straightforward promo website—some character bios, a link to the trailer—becomes a lot more impressive.

From the VR perspective, it’s a look at a lush crystal palace, information about the show’s world arranged in space, with elegant lighting and a quiet sense of wonder. It’s a simple trick—that sense of immersion does wonders—but it’s a neat one, and it’s fun to see it used for something like this.

Image: Instagram

Promotional VR experiences are nothing new, but they’ve usually been pretty heavy duty, built for dedicated VR hardware or promo installations. This, though, is light and breezy and easy to run, and it’s a delightful taste of the new show’s aesthetic. So far as marketing goes, it’s good stuff.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power will hit Netflix on 16th November, and it looks like the promotional website will be updated with more information as we draw closer to release.