Sir David Attenborough Might Be Christmas Number 1

By Holly Brockwell on at

The Christmas number one single isn't as much of a big deal in these post-X-Factor days, especially since Rage Against The Machine got to the top spot in 2009 (was that really nine years ago?!) and basically ended the whole shebang.

However, we reckon everyone can agree that a Christmas number one by our beloved national treasure Sir David Attenborough would be a very good thing indeed, and it seems like we might get our wish this year.

Sir David is apparently releasing a double CD album (CD. Aww.) called 'My Field Recordings from Across the Planet.' It's full of animal sounds from his travels, but apparently does include actual songs, the first of which is called La Llegada (Spanish for 'the arrival'). The sounds were recorded in South America, which probably explains the Spanish. We can't wait to hear how people butcher that double 'L' sound if it does get to number one.

Here's some of the CD art:

The single will be played for the first time on the 28th of November, on BBC Radio 2's Drive Time show with Jo Whiley and Simon Mayo. After that, a social media campaign will apparently be launched to get it to the top spot for Christmas, which would make the naturalist the oldest person ever to have a number one single (Attenborough is 92 but WILL LIVE FOREVER and we will not hear a word otherwise).

According to the Evening Standard, the current record is held by Tom Jones for 'Islands In The Stream' at the age of 68.

The album comes out on Friday 30th November, and is already the number one bestseller in World Music on Amazon from preorders.

While you're waiting to hear it, Sir David is currently appearing in the new series 'Dynasties' on the BBC. He'll also have a new Netflix series next year, by which time he'll hopefully be a successful musician as well as just the best human ever.