Some OnePlus 6T Owners are Having Issues With Display Static

By Tom Pritchard on at

The OnePlus 6T is a decent phone, particularly since it's not massively different from the OnePlus 6 - which was itself a decent phone. But like its predecessor it's not immune to display troubles, and now some users have taken to the OnePlus forums to complain they're seeing waves of static flash across their display at random intervals.

There's a thread chronicling users facing these problems, and for the time being it seems there's no explanation as to what's triggering the static. As you can see from the video below, however, it's pretty noticeable:

This isn't the first time a OnePlus device has had some sort of screen issue. Earlier this year users reported that the OnePlus 6's screen was flickering, but in that case a specific cause was found quite quickly. Turns out that was an issue with adaptive brightness that was fixed in an update. The thing about the 6T and its static is that people seem to be experiencing the problem differently, but factory resets apparently don't solve the issue.

Tricky situation there, and while OnePlus hasn't responded to the issue there's no doubt that it's aware of the problem and will have something to say once if it works out what's behind it. Annoying, but at least the phone's battery isn't exploding, right? [OnePlus via Android Police]