Sugar Worriers Want to End 1,200 Calorie Horror Shakes

By Gary Cutlack on at

Milkshakes with bits of biscuit in them, marshmallows on top that you eat with a chocolate spoon, fruit sauces and various additional fructose reductions are the latest target of anti-sugar campaigners, who would like the government's war on unhealthy eating to be expanded to cover the hellish world of the "freakshake" treat.

Pressure group Action on Sugar has specifically singled out the supposedly wholesome Toby Carvery for its fury, warning that the Unicorn Freakshake sold by the chain contains a staggering 1,280 calories per gluttonous glassful, which challenges our besieged little insulin production cells to match and process a horrific 39 teaspoons of sugar.

The fact that this sort of war crime against our own bodies is being sold as a treat to children only serves to make the faces of anti-sugar campaigners turn even redder with rage, with AoS now demanding that any milkshake containing more than 300 calories ought to be outlawed under the looming healthy eating and anti-obesity laws the government is considering – plus it would like to see traffic light coloured nutrition labelling on all restaurant menus to warn us off the red-light-iest options. [Action on Sugar via BBC]