Surprising No One, Mark Zuckerberg Had Refused to Speak at a Joint UK/Canada Hearing

By Tom Pritchard on at

Ever since Cambridge Analytica the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Parliamentary Committee has been trying to get Mark Zuckerberg to talk to them - even going so far as to offer the chance to avoid showing up via video link rather than in person. Zuck has refused each request, and the latest attempt to get him to take things seriously involved teaming up with Canadian politicians. Surprise, surprise, he still said no.

Earlier this morning Damian Collins, the head of the committee, tweeted the news that made us roll our eyes and go "of course he did":

As you can see Collins penned a letter to the Facebook CEO to express their extreme disappointment in the most British way possible. Interestingly it's not just signed by representatives of the British and Canadian governments. It's also been signed by people from Australia, Ireland, and Argentina. The Argentinian government is signing on with us, even though their government still doesn't like our government because their government says it should own the Falklands.

The hearing is scheduled for 27th November, and they are all calling on Zuckerberg to actually turn up and answer some questions. This all while he bothered to appear in front of the US Congress and EU Parliament without hesitation. That probably says a lot about how Zuckerberg views those entities, compared with our own piddly government. [VentureBeat]