TalkTalk Thinks it's Black Friday Already, and Has Discounted the Internet

By Tom Pritchard on at

Black Friday is happening on 23rd November, which is still *checks calendar* three weeks away. It's a wonderful day where everyone heads online to buy a bunch of stuff simply because it's been discounted. Assuming they're not in the local supermarket curb stomping each other to get £15 off a new TV. But, as with all holidays, Black Friday starts earlier and earlier each year. According to TalkTalk that means it's time to kick things off today.

The offers are open from today until the 29th November, letting you grab a discount on TalkTalk's broadband and fibre packages. The 'Faster Fibre' package (up to 33Mb/s) is now £22.50 a month, provided you get an 18 month contract, which is £11 less than it would cost to get it at the normal price. Meanwhile the regular 'Fast Broadband' package (up to 17MB/s)is now £17.95 a month, down from £27, assuming once again that you sign up for 18 months. The better news is that all those prices include the line rental.

As you would expect TalkTalk also promises unlimited usage, will supply a Wi-Fi router, and promises a fixed price for 18 months. All of those are awfully nice gestures, even though most broadband providers offer the same sort of stuff. But some of them don't, so it's worth mentioning anyway. There are also no fees for setup or equipment delivery, which can't be said for some of the others, so that's an added bonus for you.

If you want to add TV to your package too, TalkTalk has knocked money off one of those plans too. You can get Fast Fibre, a TV Box, and Sky Cinema Boost for £30.50 a month, rather than the usual £49.50.