All Four Inbetweeners Are Coming Back For a 2-Hour Special at Christmas

By Holly Brockwell on at

We were already pretty hyped for Christmas TV, and Channel 4 has added to our anticipation by announcing that there'll be a two hour special of The Inbetweeners this festive season to celebrate the show's tenth anniversary.

However, rather than a two-hour-long new episode, which would be clungetastic, it's a studio show with clips. Still, all four of our favourite awkward 'teenagers' will be there – namely Simon Bird (Will), James Buckley (Jay), Joe Thomas (Simon) and Blake Harrison (Neil) – and Channel 4 promises there'll be "behind the scenes VTs [videotapes], the story behind the show, surprise guests, celebrity fans, unseen footage and plenty of embarrassing stories."

Presumably, Channel 4 couldn't do an actual new episode because the so-called sixth formers, who were already too old for their roles when the show started, are now way beyond passing for teens in uniform. They're all in their thirties, with the oldest Inbetweener being Joe Thomas at 35. He's also adorably engaged to Hannah Tointon, who played his love interest Tara on the show.

This is the first Inbetweeners we've had since the second film came out all the way back in August 2014. It seems pretty likely it'll also be the last, at least until the boys' careers wane in their sixties and they stage a comeback show with only two of them and none of the intellectual property rights.

Tom Beck, Channel 4’s Commissioning Editor for Entertainment quips:

"Will, Jay, Simon and Neil spent years failing to sneak into the best parties, so I’m very pleased to throw one that they’re definitely invited to. I just hope Will brings his Mum."

Will Macdonald from production company Monkey Kingdom adds:

"The love for The Inbetweeners is huge, the kind of love that Jay would boast he’s had many times – big celebrities, millions of viewers and loving fans from across the globe. And it’s so exciting the boys will be back together to feel that love from all those people and enjoy it first-hand. What could possibly go wrong?"

To which Jay responded:

We don't have a date and time for the Channel 4 special yet, but we'll update you when we do.