The iPhone X Is Touchy, Apple Admits

By Holly Brockwell on at

We've been hearing reports of issues with some iPhone X screens, and it seems Apple has too, because the company has now acknowledged there is an issue and started offering a fix.

According to the Telegraph, Apple accepts the touchscreen can be shonky on some phones and "does not respond or responds intermittently," or alternatively responds "even though it was not touched."

In other words, it's touchy AF.

Apparently the problem is due to a component in the screen module (although in classic Apple style, they didn't say which one) which can fail, leading to these issues. Not to worry, though: if your iPhone is one of the handsets affected, you get a free screen replacement from Apple. And if you're one of the unlucky few who already paid to get their malfunctioning screen fixed, Apple will give you the money back.

This kind of problem is disappointing on any phone, but particularly one that costs a thousand actual pounds. Though it's since been discontinued in favour of the iPhone XR and iPhone XS, this was Apple's big flagship to rival the best of Android, yet has suffered from problems including an awful screenshot experience and colour issues on iOS 12.

Perhaps Adam Clark Estes is right when he says in our six-months-later iPhone X review that "Apple’s grasp on excellent quality control is slipping."

What do you think: teething problems with a new class of phone, or a sign that Apple's taken its eye off the ball? Let us know in the comments.

Main image: Aaron Yoo via Flickr CC