The KLF Offers Discount MuMufication to Toxteth Residents for Black Friday

By Gary Cutlack on at

K2 Plant Hire Ltd, the art group that came about because of a pre-pack administration of the artists formerly known as the KLF, has a Black Friday deal going on at the moment too. It will preserve the cremated remains of residents of Toxteth in a red brick for a one-off bargain price of 99p for over-80s, or £9.99 for under-23s. Usual price £99.99. We've been waiting for MuMufication to come down to that price for ages.

K2 Plant Hire says it then plans to build what it calls the People's Pyramid using bricks partially filled with the ashes of deceased residents of the Liverpool district of Toxteth. Via a process known as MuMufication (Google "the JAMMs" for more historical information on that name), a total of 34,592 bricks are to be created, entombing parts of the remains of locals for ever more and apparently, so they say, being assembled into a 23-foot-high pyramid.

Hence as well as Black Friday today is also known as Toxteth Day Of The Dead to current-day followers of the artistic works of Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond, as pyramid construction begins today and will be built higher on this day forth, November 23, for many years using bricks impregnated with the ashes of those who died during the previous 12 months. Would it be wrong of us, though, to suggest it's basically a bit of an art scam to sell bricks for £100? [K2 Plant Hire Ltd]