The Samsung Galaxy S10 May Ditch the Iris Scanner

By Tom Pritchard on at

The Iris Scanner has been a staple part of Samsung's flagship Galaxy phones for a while now, but word it is might be getting killed off. Well we actually heard about this rumour a while back, with the promise that Samsung was investing in better facial recognition, but now it's back.

Korean news site ETNews claims Samsung is going to remove the Iris Scanner, which has been around since the Galaxy Note 7, in favour of an in-display fingerprint scanner. Apparently the top two S10 models will have the fancy new tech, which uses Qualcomm's ultrasound technology. Meanwhile the rumoured third Galaxy S10 is supposed to have a the lesser optical-based fingerprint scanner, or some sort of physical key.

It's not the most outlandish rumour in the world, especially given the rising prominence of in-display fingerprint scanners, but it is surprising to hear that Samsung is ditching all other forms of biometric security.

There's always the chance that the Iris Scanner will be scrapped in favour of a more robust facial recognition system, like that used on the iPhone X or Huawei Mate 20 Pro, as was previously rumoured. Then again any sort of high-tech components in the display is going to limit how far Samsung can stretch its screen across the body of the phone. Assuming it doesn't go for one of those sliding mechanisms that are popping up.

It's going to be a while before we see the Galaxy S10, which will probably arrive around MWC, so we're not going to find out for sure anytime soon. No doubt more details will leak in the meantime, so we should start getting some idea of what to expect in a few months time. [ETNews via TechRadar]