The Thunder Purple OnePlus 6T Won't Be Coming to the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

Earlier this week we heard rumours about a purple OnePlus 6T that may arrive. Those rumours turned out to be true, with OnePlus confirming the new colour's Chinese release, As it turns out, however, China is where it's staying.

Seeing as how the 6T was originally announced in black, so there was plenty of interest in a brand new colour. Sadly OnePlus has since confirmed to Phone Arena that Thunder Purple is a Chinese exclusive, which means you can't have one. Not unless you go ahead and get one imported, which is going to add to the cost of getting your hands on one.

It's not the first time OnePlus has released a regional exclusive, so this isn't especially surprising. It's a shame for the people who wanted to get something more colourful, but hey, that's life. [Phone Arena]