The UK's Internet is the Fifth Cheapest in Western Europe

By Tom Pritchard on at

We all love to complain about the internet, especially where cost is concerned, but it turns out we've got it pretty good. According to's latest Worldwide Broadband Price Comparison, the cost of getting online in the UK is the fifth cheapest in Western Europe. We're also ranked 61st globally.

The report looked at 3,303 fixed line deals in 195 countries, to work out which country had the cheapest cost of entry in terms of getting online. As it turns out the Ukraine was number one costing an average of $5 USD a month, followed by Sri Lanka (£5.65), Iran ($8.20), Russia ($9.77), and Belarus (£10.44). The most expensive was Mauritania, in West Africa, with an absurd $768.16 a month. That's an average too, so there are more expensive options out there. It was just behind Papua New Guinea ($571.67), Namibia ($383.83), Laos ($239.25), and Paraguay ($210.83).

As for the 29 Western Europe countries the cheapest price came from Italy with an average of $29.48 a month. That was followed by France ($31.14), Germany ($6.68), Monaco ($37.00). Then us with an average of $39.95). We also happen to be ahead of the USA, which placed 119th ($67.69), Ireland, which placed 116th ($65.12), Australia in 84th ($52.77), and China in 63rd ($41.29). Here's a map anyway, and has a full-interactive version on its website.

While this isn't going to stop us from moaning about the state of our internet (especially where speed is concerned), it's definitely good to know things could be so much worse.