There is a House You Young People Can Afford

By Gary Cutlack on at

...and it is on the market for just £1. Even you lot with your expensive coffee habits and exhorbitant mobile phone contract loans ought to be able to save up enough to cover the 40p deposit on it.

The biggest catch is that it's near Bradford. The second biggest catch is that it burned down in 2015. The third catch is related to the second catch, in that the fire took out the roof. So what you're actually getting for your £1 is some walls. In Bradford. No, some walls near Bradford. Maybe if you already live in Bradford and are a builder or have a dad that's a builder it might be a good buy, but wait! There's another catch. £1 is only the guide price, and it's being auctioned, so thanks to this national publicity it'll probably be pounced on by property developers and bid up to a comically high amount that even locals with handy dads can't afford. Such is life in and around the lower rungs of the property ladders.

The positives according to the auction description include it having three bedrooms – or at least enough physical space to build three bedrooms in – plus the fact that the fire damaged interior has all been scraped out, so it is at least a tidy burned out ruin. All ready for the cheap labour to come in and do a job with the laminate and recessed spotlights. The auction kicks off on December 12. [Auction House via Metro]