This Collection of Magic: The Gathering Art Is Out of This Elemental Plane

By James Whitbrook on at

Magic: The Gathering is home to a world—or rather worlds—of fantastical characters, especially the Planeswalkers, the legendary figures that venture across the multiple planes of reality to summon magical creatures and do battle. This great new art collection from Gallery 1988 celebrates these mighty mages in true style.

Header image: “Ajani Goldmane” by Matthew Brazier (Image: Gallery 1988)

Gallery 1988 has revealed a new collection of art in celebration of Magic’s 25th anniversary, which is now available for public viewing in Los Angeles and for print purchases online. Rather than focusing on the weird lands, bizarre spells, and mystical creatures that populate many a Magic player’s deck, the collection highlights the powerful spellslinger characters that bind all of Magic’s myriad existences together: the Planeswalkers, heroes and villains players are cast as when they do card-based battle in the game.

“Spellbound” by Brad Albright (Image: Gallery 1988)

Although there are a few more general Magic pieces in there, a few fan favourite Planeswalkers get some representation—like the hulking white lion Ajani Goldmane and the crafty blue-magic Planeswalker Jace Beleren. But for fans of the darker side of Magic’s elemental categories, perhaps the most focus goes to Magic’s favourite mistress of the macabre, master necromancer Liliana Vess:

“Liliana Vess” by Malisa Suchanya (Image: Gallery 1988)

“Liliana” by Kelly McKernan (Image: Gallery 1988)

“Liliana Vess” by Adam Roselund (Image: Gallery 1988)

That’s a whole lot of Liliana!

It’s all good stuff. You can see more art and pick up some prints yourself over at the gallery’s website.