This He-Man Action Figure Is Ready for Christmas

By Julie Muncy on at

Seasonal action figures are a really fun idea. And who’s more suited for Christmas than the Master of the Universe himself, He-Man? After all, he’s taken his turn as Santa before, in a wonderfully bizarre Christmas special. Why not take that power to plastic?

That’s exactly what Super7 is doing with the Holiday He-Man figure. This 7" Club figure, inspired by the 1985 He-Man Christmas Episode, features the hero with a Santa hat and a fabulous candy cane sword.

Source: Instagram

Look at this adorable Christmas hero. He will bring candy and presents to all of his realm, and Skeletor will not steal Christmas this year. Also, he comes in a really charming faux-gift-wrap box.

The figure is on sale now for $35 (£27) on the Super7 website. And for more modern Masters of the Universe joy, watch She-Ra, it’s great.