This Online Emoji Maker Is a Legitimately Fun Way to Kill 5 Minutes

By Victoria Song on at

Sometimes words aren’t enough, and that’s where emojis come in. But even then, there are times you just can’t find the perfect little pictograph that encapsulates your exact mood. Even the slightly more expressive kaomoji can fail you when you need them most.

So why not build your own? Like an emoji that captures what it feels like to read the latest Trump news, or the rage that bubbles in your blood when train fares go up yet again. Well, Stripe designer Philipp Antoni has you covered.

Antoni’s Emoji Builder website lets you create your own custom emoji from the ground up. You can choose from a collection of face types, eyes, mouths, and accessories, and you can tweak the size and position of each individual part. Or, if you’re feeling lazy, you can hit the randomise button to see what Frankenstein emoji comes to life. The website also handily names your masterpiece based on everything you selected.

My inner soul (Illustration: Emoji Builder)

For instance, this little guy is currently the best representation of my inner soul. It’s called “crying thinking face with open eye and rolling eye and tongue sticking out and glasses and hugging hand.”

The rest of the Gizmodo staff also had a swell time creating custom emoji to describe various Big Moods, like this fictional representation of Mario Aguilar eating Grinch pancakes.

Those pancakes right? (Illustration: Emoji Builder)

Or take a look at this fanciful depiction of Mark Zuckerberg being unable to stop the verbal vomit spewing from his mouth.

Zuck needs a Rennies (Illustration: Emoji Builder)

Also, this blushing doofus was slipped into my direct messages over Slack and let me tell you, I almost choked on my water.

Hurdy derp derp derp. (Illustration: Emoji Builder)

Overall, it turns out we’re very fond of the vomiting emoji face. I’m not really sure what that says about us, but feel free to share your own creations in the comments.