Tomorrow's World Returns for BBC Four Science Special

By Gary Cutlack on at

Exciting news for old people has been announced by the BBC, with a return of one of the corporation's most beloved pieces of infotainment on the schedule. It's the rebirth of tech news broadcast Tomorrow's World, seeing as we could do with a few new scientists to magically fix all the broken things.

Two of the programme's late-era presenters are returning too, with Maggie Philbin and Howard Stableford set to reprise their roles of nice people trying to explain how modern things work to your grandad. And yes, the 90-minute 2018 Tomorrow's World will once again be broadcast live as it always was, so there's every chance we'll see Maggie Philbin fail to control a voice-activated smart door lock, and Howard Stableford could well be torn to shreds by a robotic care assistant that's unaware of its own strength.

There will now be a nationwide period of downtime for 20 minutes, as we all turn to YouTube to look for most baffling and accidentally prescient things Tomorrow's World ever did, like the cassette-based satnav precursor from 1971, explaining the dawn of satellite TV, 1999's introduction of VR and the many laboured demonstrations of the compact disc, plus assorted forward-looking madness that never came to pass because, frankly, a lot of it was rubbish. [BBC]