Train Complaints Super Boss Promises to Listen and Get Your Back 

By Gary Cutlack on at

There is a new caring ear promising to listen to your rail travel horror stories and say "Oh I know" in a sad and understanding voice until you blow yourself out, with the Rail Ombudsman and all its new punishment and arbitration powers now open for business.

It is funded by the rail industry itself, with the aim of adding a new layer of complaint resolution above that offered by the individual franchises. Like, it's a dad or teacher you can grass to when your train is particularly bad and the person on the Twitter account is no help and is only communicating in amusing GIFs.

The Rail Ombudsman is free to use, and promises to get involved when you reach a stress deadlock with your train company and have exhausted all angry email avenues, all in the name of improving national confidence in how the railways are run. [Metro]