Uber Made Some Shoes Too

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last week we brought you news that Transport for London had revealed some Underground-themed trainers that come with a bunch of Oyster credit to use on London's many kinds of public transport. Today we bring you news that Uber has done the exact same thing, except they're more expensive and look a lot more uncomfortable.

Uber SHOES, because capitalisation is the perfect way to trademark a generic word, are the result of a collaboration between Uber and designer Charlotte Olympia. No I don't know who she is either, but I'd wager she's probably important if Uber has tasked her with developing some outrageous-looking £695 high heels. They're described as the "perfect high heels for the Christmas season", because they also come with £500 of Uber credit.

I'll be honest, you'll probably need it. My feet start to hurt after spending too long in a pair of trainers, so god knows what they'd feel like after a night squeezed into that awkward shape. You'll need that extra Uber credit to walk 100 metres down the street, let alone getting home after a long night of Christmas parties. Uber reckons that pairing the two is a great idea, claiming its research has shown 61 per cent of British women are more likely to wear "glamorous" shoes if they're driven too and from a venue. They also claim 45 per cent will take a taxi to and from when they're wearing heels of some kind.

The downside here is that there are only 14 pairs of these shoes available, which means they're probably going to be worth more if you don't wear them to Giles's office party. They're also exclusive to Harvey Nichols' in London, which means you have to pick them up in person, and go on sale on 15th November. Don't try to use up the credit before returning the shoes, though, because Uber will make you pay it back.